Tax Law

Tax Law

Tax Law
At Seri Manop & Doyle’s, tax department regularly advise clients with respect to the following:               

1. Tax Planning for Commercial Contracts
We advise clients on structuring the agreement in the way that minimizes their tax burdens.

2. Corporate Tax Compliance
We assist corporate clients on all types of tax compliance issues to ensure that they comply with applicable tax laws and regulations.

3. International Tax Planning
Our firm advises client on tax issues to make to optimize their tax position on below cross-border transactions 
- Structuring International Transactions, Operations and Investments 
- Double Taxation Treaties 
- Regional Operating Headquarters 
- Transfer Pricing 
- Remittance of Income Overseas
- Offshore Tax Planning

4. Investment Incentives and Tax Privileges
The Board of Investment (the “BOI”) and the Industrial Estate Authority (the “IEA”) are encouraging the investments in Thailand by granting both tax privileges and non-tax privileges. We advise clients on how to exploit these privileges to their advantage.

5. Mergers & Acquisitions Tax Structuring
We help clients in structuring the mergers deal or the restructures deal in the most tax efficient manner. We have extensive experience on how to structure a deal and we can help buyers or sellers select the tax efficient structure that suits their needs.

6. Real Estate Taxes
Our firm has substantial experience in property/real estate taxes. Several tax planning strategies are used to minimize the tax exposure imposed on real estate transactions (i.e. property purchase or sale, land development, leasehold.)

7. Tax Disputes
We advise and represent clients on a variety of tax disputes with the relevant tax authorities (i.e. Revenue Department, Customs Department). 

8. Wealth Tax Management
We help investors strategize a legitimate way to minimize the taxes on their investments so that investors can get a better return on their investments.